The human kind becomes a nomadic mushroom-like organism.  

After Hibernation and Forever After, The Dolphin Conspiracy completes Lydia Venieri’s trilogy. The first two parts were shown in Greece, Paris, and New York.

Venieri was born in Athens and studied in Paris where she remained for 15 years. During that time her artwork was internationally shown. Venieri’s artwork, painting, sculpture, and photography, highlight her personal mythology containing historical memory and symbolism that cant be orally expressed. For the last twelve years, Venieri has lived in New York. She works with the Stux Gallery in New York, the Quang Gallery in Paris, and the Terra Tokyo gallery in Japan.

Her show at the Bathhouse of the Winds, a space that inspires Venieri, will last for the three winter months. The show is curated by Nadia Argyropoulou.


Until 27 February 2011
hours open 9:00 - 14:30 except Tuesday

Kyrrestou 8, Plaka, 105 56 Athens

They follow the stage of initiation to the collective memory, a farewell party, and the mystery of the communion of a last supper where humans and animals gain their common conscience.


At last, the journey follows. Finally, they uncover the Dolphin Conspiracy: There is no goal for the silent movement of populations since Eden was never found. Everyone is part of the march of the chosen of life. They follow the eternal procession of big Friday.

Photos by George Vdokakis